Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Famous Americans

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Tennessee Academic Standards

TN.3-2. THIRD GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES, PART 2 - Early American and Tennessee History
Early North American Settlements (1585-1600s)
Overview: Students will describe early North American and Tennessee settlements and examine the founding of the Thirteen Colonies, their regional geographic features, and the cooperation that existed between American Indians and colonists.
3.25. Explain the significance of the settlements of Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth and the role they played in the settling of our country. [C, E, G, H, P]
3.26. Examine how the regional (i.e., New England, Middle, and Southern) geographic features of the Thirteen Colonies influenced their development. [C, G, H, P]
3.27. Identify the economic, political, and religious reasons for founding the Thirteen Colonies and the role of indentured servitude and slavery in their settlement. [C, E, G, H, P]
TN.SSP. Social Studies Practices
SSP.04. Construct and communicate arguments supported by evidence to:
SSP.04.2. Compare and contrast viewpoints