Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Famous Explorers

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards

AZ.SS03-S1. American History
SS03-S1C1. Research Skills for History: Historical research is a process in which students examine topics or questions related to historical studies and/or current issues. By using primary and secondary sources effectively students obtain accurate and relevant information.
SS03-S1C1-04. Retell stories to describe past events, people and places.
SS03-S1C3. Exploration and Colonization 1500s - 1700s: The varied causes and effects of exploration, settlement, and colonization shaped regional and national development of the U.S.
SS03-S1C3-01. Discuss technological advances (e.g., compass, printing press) that facilitated exploration of the New World.
SS03-S1C3-02. Recognize that European countries explored the New World for economic and political reasons.
SS03-S1C3-03. Discuss European explorers (e.g., Samuel Champlain, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Ponce de Leon, Hernan de Soto) and their discoveries in the New World.
SS03-S1C10. Contemporary United States 1970s - Present: Current events and issues continue to shape our nation and our involvement in the global community.
SS03-S1C10-02. Discuss the connections between current events and historical events and issues from content studied in Strand 1 using information from class discussions and various resources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, books, maps).
AZ.SS03-S2. World History
SS03-S2C5. Encounters and Exchange: Innovations, discoveries, exploration, and colonization accelerated contact, conflict, and interconnection among societies world wide, transforming and creating nations.
SS03-S2C5-01. Describe how the search for a Northwest Passage to Asia led to the exploration and settlement of Canada.
SS03-S2C5-02. Discuss European global explorations (e.g., Columbus, Magellan, Henry Hudson, Vasco da Gama, Balboa).