Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Income and Earning

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards

PA.5.3. Civics and Government
5.3.3. How Government Works
5.3.3.I. Explain the role of taxes in operating government.
PA.6.3. Economics
6.1.3. Scarcity and Choice
Limited Resources
6.1.3.B. Identify needs and wants of people. Identify examples of natural, human, and capital resources.
6.3.3. Functions of Government
6.3.3.C. Define tax and explain the relationship between taxation and government services.
6.5.3. Income, Profit, and Wealth
Factors Influencing Wages
6.5.3.A. Explain why people work.
Labor Productivity
6.5.3.B. Explain the differences in earnings by those in different jobs.
Types of Businesses
6.5.3.C. Describe how different businesses meet the needs and wants of families.
Distribution of Wealth
6.5.3.E. Identify tangible and intangible assets.
Costs and Benefits of Saving
6.5.3.G. Define saving and explain why people save.