Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Income and Earning

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Rhode Island World-Class Standards

RI.E. Economics
E 2. Producers and consumers locally, nationally, and internationally engage in the exchange of goods and services.
E 2 (3-4)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of the variety of ways producers and consumers exchange goods and services by…
E 2 (3-4)-1.c. Explaining how market forces determine the amount of income for most people (e.g., people with rare skills can charge more).
E 3. Individuals, institutions and governments have roles in economic systems.
E 3 (3-4)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence created by economic decisions by…
E 3 (3-4)-1.a. Comparing how individuals, institutions, and governments interact within an economy (e.g. entrepreneurs start new businesses; individuals save money in banks, government redistributes money through taxing and spending).
E 3 (3-4)-2. Students demonstrate an understanding of the role of government in a global economy by…
E 3 (3-4)-2.a. Identifying how government redistributes tax income for public benefit through taxes (e.g., paying for work force training through schools).