Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Natural Resources

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Rhode Island Standards

RI.E. Economics
E 1. Individuals and societies make choices to address the challenges and opportunities of scarcity and abundance.
E 1 (3-4)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of basic economic concepts by…
E 1 (3-4)-1.a. Differentiating between human, natural, and capital resources.
RI.G. Geography
G 4. Environment and Society: Patterns emerge as humans settle, modify, and interact on Earth’s surface to limit or promote human activities.
G 4 (3-4)-1. Students explain how humans depend on their environment by…
G 4 (3-4)-1.a. Identifying how needs can be met by the environment (e.g., we grow food to eat.).
G 4 (3-4)-2. Students explain how humans react or adapt to an ever-changing physical environment by…
G 4 (3-4)-2.a. Identifying ways in which the physical environment is stressed by human activity using examples from the local community (e.g., pollution in the Narragansett Bay means people cannot fish for food).