Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Roles of the Citizens

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Kansas Standards

KS.3. Community
3.CG. Civics/Government (CG)
Sample Compelling Questions
3.CG.10. What makes someone a good citizen in your community? (Standard 5)
3.CG.6. What are the consequences of choosing to be an active member of your community? (Standard 1)
3.CG.1. Seek opportunities and demonstrate characteristics of a leader such as being trustworthy, fair-minded, and forward-looking.
3.CG.2. Demonstrate good citizenship skills such as showing respect, being responsible, having a positive attitude, exercising self-discipline, and engaging in conflict resolution.
3.H. History (H)
Sample Compelling Questions
3.H.12. What are your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of your community? (Standard 2)
KS.KHGSS. Kansas History, Government, and Social Studies Standards
KHGSS.2. Individuals have rights and responsibilities.
2.1. The student will recognize and evaluate the rights and responsibilities of people living in societies.
2.2. The student will analyze the context under which significant rights and responsibilities are defined and demonstrated, their various interpretations, and draw conclusions about those interpretations.
2.4. The student will use his/her understanding of rights and responsibilities to address contemporary issues.