Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Roles of the Citizens

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Mississippi College & Career Readiness Standards

CI.3.1. Explain how an individual exercises rights and responsibilities within community and local government.
CI.3.1.1. Identify core and civic virtues.
CI.3.1.2. Compare and contrast figures of authority and their positions pertaining to upholding civic responsibilities.
CI.3.3. Compare and contrast how all people, not just official leaders, play important roles in local government and portrays good citizenship.
CI.3.3.1. Categorize the way Americans feel about their rights and responsibilities. e.g. individual rights and freedoms, the common good, and respecting the law.
CI.3.3.2. Argue the characteristics of a responsible citizen.
CR.3.1. Explain how a democracy relies on people’s responsible participation.
CR.3.1.2. Explain the voting process.
H.3.3. Trace the history of voting rights in America.
H.3.3.1. Define voting, suffrage and franchise.

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