Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Trade and Transportation

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Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks

AR.SS.E. Economics
E.6.3. Growth and Stability - Students will evaluate economic growth and stability.
Public Goods and Services
E.6.3.3. Explain the difference between public and private goods and services (D2.Eco.12.3-5).
E.7.3. Global Economy - Students will analyze economic interdependence within a global economy.
Economic Interdependence
E.7.3.1. Illustrate the relationships among imports, exports, and global interdependence (D2.Eco.14.3-5).
E.7.3.2. Describe how people in various places and regions are affected by trade (D2.Eco.15.3-5).
AR.SS.G. Geography
G.10.3. Spatial Patterns and Movement - Students will interpret the spatial characteristics and patterns of human settlement.
Resources and Movement
G.10.3.2. Explain effects of the movement and distribution of people, goods, and ideas on communities using a variety of sources (e.g., print and digital sources, geographic representations, geospatial technologies) (D2.Geo.7.3-5).

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