Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Trade and Transportation

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Delaware Standards and Instruction

E.2: Students will examine the interaction of individuals, families, communities, businesses, and governments in a market economy [Macroeconomics].
E.2.K-3a: Students will understand how barter, money, and other media are employed to facilitate the exchange of resources, goods, and services. (Essential for Grade 3)
E.4: Students will examine the patterns and results of international trade [International trade].
E.4.K-3a: Students will understand that the exchange of goods and services around the world creates economic interdependence between people in different places. (Essential for Grade 2)
G.3: Students will develop an understanding of the diversity of human culture and the unique nature of places [PLACES].
G.3.K-3a: Students will identify types of human settlement, connections between settlements, and the types of activities found in each. (Essential for Grade 3)

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