Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Trade and Transportation

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Ohio Standards

OH.1. History: Students use materials drawn from the diversity of human experience to analyze and interpret significant events, patterns and themes in the history of Ohio, the United States and the world.
1.C. Explain how new developments led to the growth of the United States.
OH.3 Geography: Students use knowledge of geographic locations, patterns and processes to show the interrelationship between the physical environment and human activity, and to explain the interactions that occur in an increasingly interdependent world.
3.8. Grade Level Indicator: Movement: Identify systems of transportation used to move people and products and systems of communication used to move ideas from place to place.
3.D. Analyze ways that transportation and communication relate to patterns of settlement and economic activity.
OH.4. Economics: Students use economic reasoning skills and knowledge of major economic concepts, issues and systems in order to make informed choices as producers, consumers, savers, investors, workers and citizens in an interdependent world.
4.2. Grade Level Indicator: Production, Distribution and Consumption: Identify people who purchase goods and services as consumers and people who make goods or provide services as producers.
4.5. Grade Level Indicator: Markets: Identify different forms of money used over time, and recognize that money facilitates the purchase of goods, services and resources and enables savings.
4.6. Grade Level Indicator: Markets: Explain how the local community is an example of a market where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services.
4.B. Explain why entrepreneurship, capital goods, technology, specialization and division of labor are important in the production of goods and services.