Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. World Population

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Nevada Academic Content Standards

Grade 3: Movement Around Our World
Disciplinary Skills
Constructing compelling questions
SS.3.1. Generate compelling questions to explore movement around the world.
Creating supporting questions
SS.3.2. Generate and answer supporting questions that help address compelling questions.
Developing claims and using evidence
SS.3.6. Construct responses to compelling questions using reasoning, examples, and relevant details.
Communicating and critiquing conclusions
SS.3.7. Construct organized explanations for various audiences and purposes using evidence and reasoning.
Content Themes
Power and politics (H)
SS.3.11. Investigate government responses to migration and immigration.
People and ideas (H)
SS.3.12. Compare and contrast conflicting historical perspectives about migration and immigration.
International relations (H)
SS.3.14. Explore the impact of migration and immigration on global conflicts.
Respectful engagement with diverse people (MC)
SS.3.16. Analyze how migrants and immigrants interact with people in their new community.
Civic dispositions and democratic principles (C)
SS.3.18. Identify how democratic principles motivate individuals to migrate.