Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Famous Americans

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Tennessee Academic Standards

TN.4. FOURTH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - The History of the United States: Colonization to Reconstruction
Building the New Nation (1790-1830)
Overview: Students will explore the development of the federal government, the exploration of the West, the impact of expansion on American Indians, and the contributions of key people during this era.
4.16. Map the exploration of the Louisiana Territory, and describe the events, struggles, and successes of the purchase, including the significance of: Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Sacagawea. [C, G, H, P]
The Growth of the Republic (1800s-1850)
Overview: Students will explore the emergence of the U.S. industrial economy, the growth of slavery in the South, and westward expansion.
4.20. Analyze the impact of the American Industrial Revolution, including the significance of: Watermills (influence of geography); Robert Fulton (steamboats); Samuel Slater (factory system); Eli Whitney (cotton gin) [C, E, G, H, T]
The United States Prior the Civil War (1820s-1861)
Overview: Students will explore the events that led to the Civil War, focusing on the impact of slavery, the abolition movement, and the major differences of the states.
4.26. Identify abolitionist leaders and their approaches to ending slavery, including: Frederick Douglass; William Lloyd Garrison; Sojourner Truth; Harriet Tubman [C, H, P]
The Civil War and Reconstruction (1861-1870s)
Overview: Students will understand the causes and course of the Civil War and the successes and failures of Reconstruction.
4.32. Describe the roles of major leaders during the Civil War, including: Jefferson Davis; Ulysses S. Grant; Robert E. Lee; President Abraham Lincoln [C, G, H, P]
4.33. Evaluate the significant contributions made by women during the Civil War, including Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix. [C, H]