Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Native People of the U.S.

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Alabama Standards

AL.1. Alabama Studies: Fourth-grade students proceed from the study of geography in Grade 3 where they explored geographic regions, landforms, and resources to an in-depth study of Alabama. In Grade 4, students apply these geographic concepts to their own state and relate geography to history, economics, and politics in Alabama.
1.2. Economics/Geography/History/Political Science: Describe the cultures, governments, and economies of prehistoric and historic Native Americans in Alabama.
1.2.1. Identifying locations of prehistoric and historic Native Americans in Alabama.
1.2.2. Describing types of prehistoric life in Alabama.
1.2.3. Identifying the roles of archaeologists and paleontologists.
1.3. Economics/Geography/History/Political Science: List reasons for European exploration and settlement in Alabama and the impact of Europeans on trade, health, land expansion, and tribal reorganization of Native-American populations in Alabama.
1.3.1. Locating European settlements in early Alabama.
1.3.2. Explaining reasons for conflicts between Europeans and Native Americans in Alabama from 1519 to 1840.
1.3.4. Naming the social, political, and economic outcomes of the Creek Civil War and the Creek War in Alabama.
1.3.5. Identifying the impact of the Trail of Tears on Alabama's Native Americans.