Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Native People of the U.S.

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arkansas Standards

AR.G. Geography
G.2. Culture and Diversity: Students shall develop an understanding of how cultures around the world develop and change.
G.2.4.1. Culture and Diversity: Research elements of culture in a community, state, or nation (e.g., food, clothing, housing, language, sports/ recreation, customs, traditions, art, music, religion).
AR.H. History
H.6. History: Students shall analyze significant ideas, events, and people in world, national, state, and local history and how they affect change over time.
H.6.4.14. Continuity and Change: Identify and describe the Arkansas Indian Tribes: Osage, Quapaw, and Caddo.
H.6.4.15. Continuity and Change: Identify the reasons for the decline of the native populations of Arkansas (e.g., influenza, small pox, competition for land).