Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Native People of the U.S.

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Ohio Standards

OH.1. History: Students use materials drawn from the diversity of human experience to analyze and interpret significant events, patterns and themes in the history of Ohio, the United States and the world.
1.2. Grade Level Indicator: Settlement: Describe the earliest settlements in Ohio including those of prehistoric peoples.
1.3. Grade Level Indicator: Settlement: Explain the causes and effects of the frontier wars of the 1790s, including the Battle of Fallen Timbers, on American Indians in Ohio and the United States.
1.B. Describe the cultural patterns that are evident in North America today as a result of exploration, colonization and conflict.
OH.2. People in Societies: Students use knowledge of perspectives, practices and products of cultural, ethnic and social groups to analyze the impact of their commonality and diversity within local, national, regional and global settings.
2.1. Grade Level Indicator: Cultures: Describe the cultural practices and products of various groups who have settled in Ohio over time: The Paleo Indians, Archaic Indians, Woodland Indians (Adena and Hopewell) and Late Prehistoric Indians (Fort Ancient); Historic Indians of Ohio (Ottawa, Wyandot, Mingo, Miami, Shawnee and Delaware); European immigrants; Amish and Appalachian populations; African-Americans; Recent immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
2.2. Grade Level Indicator: Interaction: Describe the impact of the expansion of European settlements on American Indians in Ohio.
2.A. Compare practices and products of North American cultural groups.
OH.7. Social Studies Skills and Methods: Students collect, organize, evaluate and synthesize information from multiple sources to draw logical conclusions. Students communicate this information using appropriate social studies terminology in oral, written or multimedia form and apply what they have learned to societal issues in simulated or real-world settings.
7.5. Grade Level Indicator: Thinking and Organizing: Identify main ideas and supporting details from factual information.