Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Review Grades 1-4

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Virginia Standards of Learning

VA.SS.WG. World Geography
WG.2. The student will analyze how physical and ecological processes shape Earth’s surface by:
WG.2.a. Explaining regional climatic patterns and weather phenomena and their effects on people and places.
WG.2.b. Describing how humans influence the environment and are influenced by it.
WG.2.c. Explaining how technology affects one’s ability to modify and adapt to the environment.
WG.3. The student will apply the concept of a region by:
WG.3.c. Analyzing how cultural characteristics, including the world’s major languages, ethnicities, and religions, link or divide regions.
WG.4. The student will apply social science skills to evaluate the significance of natural, human, and capital resources by:
WG.4.a. Comparing the distribution of major natural resources throughout world regions.
WG.4.b. Showing the influence of resources on patterns of economic activity and land use.
WG.4.c. Evaluating perspectives regarding the use of resources.