Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. State Government

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Alaska Content and Performance Standards

AK.C. Government and Citizenship: A student should understand the character of government of the state. A student who meets the content standard should:
C.1. Understand the various forms of the state's local governments and the agencies and commissions that influence students' lives and property.
AK.AH.HI.1 Historical Inquiry: The student demonstrates an understanding of the methods of documenting history by planning and developing history projects, utilizing research tools such as: interviewing protocols, oral history, historical context, pre-interview research, primary sources, secondary sources, proper citation, corroboration, and cause and effect of historical events. [DOK 4] (H. C1-4)
AH.HI.1.17. Alaska as a State (1959-present) - Individual, Citizenship, Governance, Power: The student demonstrates an understanding of the historical rights and responsibilities of Alaskans by:
AH.ICGP.12 Using texts/sources to analyze the evolution of self-government through an examination of organic documents (i.e., Treaty of Cession, Organic Act, Territorial Act, Alaska State Constitution, Statehood Act). [DOK 3] (H. B2, B4)