Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. States & Capitals II

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arkansas Standards

AR.G. Geography
G.1. Physical and Spatial: Students shall develop an understanding of the physical and spatial characteristics and applications of geography.
G.1.4.1. Location, Place, and Region: Discuss the difference between relative and absolute location.
G.1.4.14. Map and Globe Skills: Interpret a map using cardinal and intermediate directions, map scales, legends, and titles to locate places on contemporary maps.
G.1.4.3. Location, Place, and Region: Locate each of the five regions of the United States and describe each region's major physical features: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest West, and West.
G.1.4.4. Location, Place, and Region: Determine absolute locations (latitude and longitude) of places studied using a grid map.
G.2. Culture and Diversity: Students shall develop an understanding of how cultures around the world develop and change.
G.2.4.4. Culture and Diversity: Compare and contrast the human characteristics of early settlements and contemporary communities in the five regions of the United States.