Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. States & Capitals II

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Oklahoma Academic Standards

Social Studies Practices PK-12
3 Acquire, Apply, and Evaluate Evidence – Students will utilize interdisciplinary tools and master the basic concepts of the social studies in order to acquire and apply content understanding in all related fields of study.
3.B. Students will demonstrate an understanding of geographic concepts and develop mastery of geographic tools and ways of thinking in order to become geographically informed.
4 Read Critically and Interpret Informational Sources – Students will engage in critical, active reading of grade-level appropriate primary and secondary sources related to key social studies concepts, including frequent analysis and interpretation of informational sources.
4.A. Students will comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize textual sources to acquire and refine knowledge in the social studies.
4.B. Students will apply critical reading and thinking skills to interpret, evaluate, and respond to a variety of complex texts from historical, ethnic, and global perspectives.
4th Grade Content Standards
4.2. The student will examine the physical geography and environments of the United States.
4.2.1. Use maps and other geographic representations (such as globes and graphs), tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.
4.2.1.A. Use and describe various elements of maps, including keys/legends, scale, cardinal, and intermediate directions.
4.2.1.B. Interpret aerial photographs, satellite images and thematic maps to locate and identify physical and human features of the United States and North America.
4.2.1.C. Use latitude and longitude to identify the location of physical and human features of the United States.
4.2.3. Explain how people create regions using common geographic characteristics.
4.2.3.A. Identify and describe the major physical, cultural, and economic regions of the United States, comparing one’s own region to the other regions.
4.2.3.B. Explain how and why regions change over time by comparing regions in the past with life in the same regions in the present.
4.2.5. Identify and locate on a political map the fifty states and the United States capitol.