Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. U.S. Presidents

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Missouri Learning Standards

MO.4.PC1. Knowledge of the principles expressed in documents shaping constitutional democracy in the United States
4.PC1.E. Character traits and civic attitudes of significant individuals.
4.PC1.E.a. Describe the character traits and civic attitudes of historically significant individuals in American history prior to c. 1800
MO.4.H3. Knowledge of continuity and change in the history of Missouri and the United States.
4.H3.C. Knowledge of the contributions of significant persons in U.S. history
4.H3.C.a. Identify and describe the contributions of historically significant individuals to America and the United States prior to c. 1800.
MO.4.TS7. Knowledge of the use of tools of social science inquiry
4.TS7.B. Use visual tools to communicate information and ideas.
4.TS7.B.a. Use visual tools and informational texts to interpret, draw conclusions, make predictions, and communicate information and ideas with guidance and support, as needed.