Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Citizenship and Government

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Rhode Island Standards

RI.C&G. Civics & Government
C&G 2. The Constitution of the United States establishes a government of limited powers that are shared among different levels and branches.
C&G 2 (5-6)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of United States government (local, state, national) by…
C&G 2 (5-6)-1.b. Identifying how power is divided and shared among the levels of the United States government.
C&G 2 (5-6)-2. Students demonstrate an understanding of the democratic values and principles underlying the U.S. government by…
C&G 2 (5-6)-2.a. Exploring democratic values such as: respect, property, compromise, liberty, self-government, and self-determination.
C&G 2 (5-6)-2.b. Identifying enduring documents (e.g., Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution) that reflect the underlying principles of the United States.
C&G 2 (5-6)-2.c. Exhibiting and explaining what it means to be a responsible citizen in the community.
C&G 3. In a democratic society all people have certain rights and responsibilities.
C&G 3 (5-6)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of citizens’ rights and responsibilities by…
C&G 3 (5-6)-1.a. Defining the concepts: “civic”(adj.), “civics”(n), “civil,” and “citizen”.
C&G 3 (5-6)-1.c. Identifying a citizen’s responsibilities in a democratic society (personal, economic, legal, and civic).
C&G 4. People engage in political processes in a variety of ways.
C&G 4 (5-6)-2. Students demonstrate their participation in political processes by…
C&G 4 (5-6)-2.b. Describing the voting process for a local, state, or national election.
C&G 4 (5-6)-3. Students participate in a civil society by…
C&G 4 (5-6)-3.c. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions (anticipating and accepting consequences).
RI.E. Economics
E 3. Individuals, institutions and governments have roles in economic systems.
E 3 (5-6)-2. Students demonstrate an understanding of the role of government in a global economy by…
E 3 (5-6)-2.a. Identifying how governments provide goods and services in a market economy by taxing and borrowing.
RI.HP. Historical Perspectives/Rhode Island History
HP 3. The study of history helps us understand the present and shape the future.
HP 3 (5-6)-1. Students demonstrate an understanding of how the past frames the present by…
HP 3 (5-6)-1.a. Identifying historical conditions and events that relate to contemporary issues (e.g., separation of church state, treatment of Native Americans, immigration, gender issues).