Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

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Connecticut Core Standards

5.2. DIMENSION 2: APPLYING DISCIPLINARY CONCEPTS AND TOOLS - In Grade 5, the focus is on the disciplinary concepts and skills used in the study of Early United States History. History is supported through an interdisciplinary approach that includes civics, economics and geography. These disciplinary ideas are the lenses students use in their inquiries, and the consistent and coherent application of these lenses in Grade 5 should lead to deep and enduring understanding (C3, p. 29).
Change, Continuity and Context
HIST 5.2. Compare life in specific historical periods to life today.
HIST 5.4. Explain why individuals and groups during the same historical period differed in their perspectives.
HIST 5.5. Explain connections among historical contexts and people's perspectives at the time.
Civic and Political Institutions
CIV 5.1. Explain how groups of people make rules to create responsibilities and protect freedoms.
CIV 5.2. Describe ways in which people benefit from and are challenged by working together, including through government, workplaces, voluntary organizations, and families.
Processes, Rules, and Laws
CIV 5.4. Explain how policies are developed to address public problems.
Exchange and Markets
ECO 5.3. Explain why individuals and businesses specialize and trade.
Human Population: Spatial Patterns and Movement
GEO 5.3. Explain how human settlements and movements relate to the locations and use of various natural resources.

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