Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Hawaii Standards

HI.SS.5.3. History: EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY-Understand important historical events through the Revolution
TOPIC: Colonial American Society
SS.5.3.4. Describe how religion and economics influenced the settling of New England and the southern regions of British North America
SS.5.3.5. Describe the major features of the economies of New England (i.e., manufacturing), the mid-Atlantic colonies (i.e., trade), and southern regions (i.e., farming) of British North America and explain their relationship to geographic features
SS.5.3.8. Describe conflicts between Europeans and Native Americans (i.e., King Philips War), among colonists, (i.e., Bacon's Rebellion), and between European powers (i.e., the French and Indian War)
SS.5.3.9. Describe the role of Puritans and Quakers in shaping colonial society
TOPIC: Exploration, Migration, and Settlement
SS.5.3.3. Describe the hardships experienced by European settlers in colonial America
HI.SS.5.4. Political Science/Civics: GOVERNANCE, DEMOCRACY, AND INTERACTION-Understand the purpose and historical impact of political institutions, the principles and values of American constitutional democracy, and the similarities and differences in government across cultural perspectives
TOPIC: American Democracy
SS.5.4.1. Explain how colonial governments were based on key principles underlying American democracy (including social contract, majority rule, and equality of opportunity)