Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

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Kansas Academic Standards

KS.KHGSS. Kansas History, Government, and Social Studies Standards
KHGSS.1. Choices have consequences.
1.1. The student will recognize and evaluate significant choices made by individuals, communities, states, and nations that have impacted our lives and futures.
KS.5. A New Nation: Beginnings through 1800
5.2. Exploration and Conflict: 1000s–1600s
Sample Compelling Questions
5.2.5. In what ways did early European settlements differ? (Standard 5)
5.3. Colonization: 1600s–1760s
Sample Compelling Questions
5.3.3. How has Puritanism shaped American values? (Standard 3)
5.3.4. What critical factors led to the relative success of Massachusetts Bay Colony and the relative failures of Roanoke and Jamestown? (Standard 4)
5.3.5. How did geography affect the development of Colonial America? (Standard 5)
5.4. The Road to Independence: 1750s–1770s
Sample Compelling Questions
5.4.2. How were the rights of colonists different from those of citizens living in Britain? (Standard 2)
5.9. Economic Skills:
5.9.1. Ask economic questions about choices and consequences, incentives, and voluntary exchange.
5.9.2. Acquire economic information from sources such as primary and secondary sources, surveys, reference material and observation.
5.9.3. Analyze economic information using a variety of methods including diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables.
5.9.4. Answer economic questions by presenting economic information in oral and written reports and through charts and diagrams.
5.9.5. Exhibit decision making based on an understanding of consequences and cost/benefit.

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