Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

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Kentucky Academic Standards

Grade 5: Colonization to Constitution Standards
C: Civic and Political Institutions
5.C.CP.1. Analyze the development and establishment of the U.S. federal government.
E: Microeconomics
5.E.MI.1. Explain the relationship between supply and demand.
E: Specialization, Trade and Interdependence
5.E.ST.1. Explain how specialization, comparative advantage and competition influence the production and exchange of goods and services in an interdependent economy.
E: Incentives, Choices and Decision Making
5.E.IC.1. Analyze how incentives and opportunity costs impact decision making, using examples from history.
G: Migration and Movement
5.G.MM.1. Analyze how cultural, economic and environmental factors encouraged and restricted the movement of people, ideas and goods to and within the United States.
G: Human Interactions and Interconnections
5.G.HI.1. Describe the traditions diverse cultural groups brought with them when they moved to and within the United States.
5.G.HI.2. Analyze how and why cultural characteristics diffuse and blend with migration and settlement.
G: Human Environment Interaction
5.G.HE.1. Explain how cultural and environmental changes impact population distribution and influence how people modify and adapt to their environments.
G: Geographic Reasoning
5.G.GR.1. Use a variety of maps, satellite images and other models to explain the relationships between the location of places and regions and their human and environmental characteristics.
H: Change and Continuity
5.H.CH.2. Analyze the impact innovation and human ingenuity had on the development of the United States from Colonization to Constitution.
H: Cause and Effect
5.H.CE.2. Analyze the role religion played in early colonial society.

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