Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

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Louisiana Academic Standards

LA.HIS. History
5.3. Key Events, Ideas, and People: Students explain the reasons why different groups settled in North America and describe the effect of key people, ideas, and events on the growth of the thirteen colonies.
5.3.2. Describe cooperation and conflict among Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans
5.3.4. Compare and contrast religious groups that settled colonial America and examine the role of religion in colonial communities
5.3.6. Explain and give examples of how Native Americans, Europeans, and free and enslaved Africans adapted to living in the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies
LA.GEO. Geography
5.5. Culture and Environment: Students examine how the physical environment influenced the cultural development of colonial America.
5.5.1. Describe ways in which location and environment influenced the settlements and land use in colonial America
5.5.2. Identify natural resources used by people of colonial America and describe the impact of human action on the physical environment
LA.CIV. Civics
5.6. Purposes, Foundation, and Structure: Students investigate different types of government to understand their influence on the development of government in colonial America.
5.6.1. Compare and contrast the different types of government in colonial America that influenced the development of the United States
5.6.2. Summarize the key ideas that influenced the development of colonial governments and their influence on the growth of American democracy
LA.ECON. Economics
5.9. Interdependence: Students analyze key events that affected trade and exchange in colonial America.
5.9.2. Analyze the differences in the economies of the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies

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