Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

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Mississippi College & Career Readiness Standards

H.5.1. Recognize symbols, customs, and celebrations representative of the United States.
H.5.1.4. Explain historically significant events that shaped America.
H.5.3. Describe reasons for colonization of North America.
H.5.3.1. Identify influential leaders and groups responsible for founding colonial settlements (e.g., John Smith, Virginia; Roger Williams, Rhode Island; William Penn, Pennsylvania; Lord Baltimore, Maryland; William Bradford, Plymouth; John Winthrop, Massachusetts).
H.5.3.2. Trace the development of democratic ideas and discuss the structure of colonial governments that influenced the early colonies (e.g., Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, representative government, town meetings, rule of law, legislative bodies).
H.5.3.3. Demonstrate an understanding of colonial economic life and labor systems in the Americas (Triangular Trade, indentured servitude, enslaved and free Africans).
H.5.7. Describe the impact of significant historical figures and event.
H.5.7.1. Identify historical figures that are used as symbols of American culture (currency, monuments, and place names, etc.).

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