Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Colonization

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Nevada Academic Content Standards

Grade 5: The U.S. – Creating a New Nation
Content Themes
Identity (H)
SS.5.12. Investigate what it meant to be an American for different groups of people in early American history.
SS.5.13. Explore the development of colonial America and compare differences among the colonies.
SS.5.14. Analyze the way in which Native, European, and African cultures were impacted by conflict and compromise in our nation’s early history.
Diverse contributions made by men and women from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, including, without limitation, information relating to contributions and impact (MC)
SS.5.19. Discuss the contributions of culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse people to the advancement of the nation.
Civic dispositions and democratic principles (C)
SS.5.22. Analyze core civic dispositions and democratic principles and their influence on early American history.
Human population, movements, and patterns (G)
SS.5.31. Analyze how physical geography and natural resources affected exploration within the settlement of people, and the development of culture in early U.S. history.
Exchange and markets (E)
SS.5.32. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the economies of the colonial regions.
National economy (E)
SS.5.33. Investigate the development of the early U.S. economy.

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