Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Economics

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards

PA.6.5. Economics
6.1.5. Scarcity and Choice
Scarcity and Choice
6.1.5.A Explain how limited resources and unlimited wants cause scarcity.
Limited Resources
6.1.5.B.1. Explain ways in which people meet their basic needs and wants.
6.1.5.B.2. Demonstrate the use of human and capital resources in the production of a specific good.
6.2.5. Markets and Economic Systems
Price Determination
6.2.5.D. Identify factors that cause changes in price.
Economic Systems
6.2.5.G. Describe various economic systems.
6.2.5.G.2. Market
6.3.5. Functions of Government
6.3.5.C. Explore ways in which tax revenue is collected.
6.5.5. Income, Profit, and Wealth
Factors Influencing Wages
6.5.5.A. Describe how the availability of goods and services is made possible by the work of members of the society.
PA.8.5. History
8.1.5. Historical Analysis and Skills Development
Continuity and Change over Time
8.1.5.A. Identify and explain the influences of economic features on continuity and change over time.