Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Exploration

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Minnesota Academic Standards

MN.5. Grade Five: History of North America (up to 1800)
5.4. History
5.4.1. Historical Thinking Skills
5.4.4. United States History Describe complex urban societies that existed in Mesoamerica and North America before 1500. (Before European Contact) Rivalries among European nations and their search for new opportunities fueled expanding global trade networks and, in North America, colonization and settlement and the exploitation of indigenous peoples and lands; colonial development evoked varied responses by indigenous nations, and produced regional societies and economies that included imported slave labor and distinct forms of local government. (Colonization and Settlement: 1585-1763) Identify various motivations of Europeans for exploration and settlement in Asia, Africa and the Americas from the fifteenth to early seventeenth centuries. (Colonization and Settlement: 1585-1763)

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