Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Exploration

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Vermont Standards

VT.6.3. Critical Evaluation: Analyzing Knowledge: Students analyze knowledge as a collection of selected facts and interpretations based on a particular historical or social setting.
H&SS5-6:1. Grade Level Expectation: Social and Historical Questioning: Students initiate an inquiry by:
5-6:1.a. Asking relevant and focusing questions that will lead to independent research based on what they have seen, what they have read, what they have listened to, and/or what they have researched (e.g., How will global warming affect me and my community? Does intolerance exist in my school or community?).
VT.6.5. History: Traditional and Social Histories: Students investigate both the traditional and the social histories of the people, places, and cultures under study, including those of indigenous peoples.
H&SS5-6:8. Grade Level Expectation: Students connect the past with the present by:
5-6:8.c. Investigating how events, people, and ideas have shaped the United States and/or the world, and hypothesizing how different influences could have led to different consequences (e.g., How did the civil rights movement change the U.S., and how might the U.S. be different if it had never happened?).