Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Forming a Government

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

North Carolina Standards

NC.5.C&G. Civics and Governance
5.C&G.1. Understand the development, structure and function of government in the United States.
5.C&G.1.2. Summarize the organizational structures and powers of the United States government (legislative, judicial and executive branches of government).
5.C&G.1.3. Analyze historical documents that shaped the foundation of the United States government.
5.C&G.2. Analyze life in a democratic republic through rights and responsibilities of citizens.
5.C&G.2.1. Understand the values and principles of a democratic republic.
5.C&G.2.2. Analyze the rights and responsibilities of United States citizens in relation to the concept of ''common good'' according to the United States Constitution (Bill of Rights).
NC.5.H. History
5.H.1. Analyze the chronology of key events in the United States.
5.H.1.3. Analyze the impact of major conflicts, battles and wars on the development of our nation through Reconstruction.
5.H.2. Understand the role of prominent figures in shaping the United States.
5.H.2.1. Summarize the contributions of the ''Founding Fathers'' to the development of our country.
5.H.2.2. Explain how key historical figures have exemplified values and principles of American democracy.