Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Forming a Government

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Pennsylvania Standards

PA.5.5. Civics and Government
5.1.5. Principles and Documents of Government
Documents and Ideals that Shape Pennsylvania and US Government
5.1.5.D. Interpret key ideas about government found in significant documents:
5.1.5.D.3. Bill of Rights
Principles and Ideals that Shape Government
5.1.5.C. Describe the principles and ideals shaping local state, and national government.
5.1.5.C.1. Liberty / Freedom
5.1.5.C.2. Democracy
5.1.5.C.3. Justice
5.3.5. How Government Works
Branches of Government
5.3.5.A. Describe the responsibilities and powers of the three branches of government.
Structure, Organization, and Operation of Governments
5.3.5.B. Describe how the elected representative bodies function in making local, state, and national laws.
PA.8.5. History
8.3.5. United States History
Historical Documents and Artifacts (US History)
8.3.5.B. Illustrate concepts and knowledge of historical documents, artifacts, and places critical to United States history.