Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Leading Up to the Revolution

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Florida Standards

FL.SS.5.A. American History
SS.5.A.1. Historical Inquiry and Analysis
SS.5.A.1.1. Use primary and secondary sources to understand history.
SS.5.A.3. Exploration and Settlement of North America
SS.5.A.3.3. Describe interactions among Native Americans, Africans, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish for control of North America.
SS.5.A.5. American Revolution & Birth of a New Nation
SS.5.A.5.1. Identify and explain significant events leading up to the American Revolution.
SS.5.A.5.2. Identify significant individuals and groups who played a role in the American Revolution.
SS.5.A.5.5. Examine and compare major battles and military campaigns of the American Revolution.
SS.5.A.5.6. Identify the contributions of foreign alliances and individuals to the outcome of the Revolution.
SS.5.A.5.7. Explain economic, military, and political factors which led to the end of the Revolutionary War.
SS.5.A.5.8. Evaluate the personal and political hardships resulting from the American Revolution.
FL.SS.5.C. Civics and Government
SS.5.C.2. Civic and Political Participation
SS.5.C.2.1. Differentiate political ideas of Patriots, Loyalists, and ''undecideds'' during the American Revolution.

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