Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Leading Up to the Revolution

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Louisiana Academic Standards

LA.HIS. History
5.1. Historical Thinking Skills: Students use historical thinking skills to examine the influence of key people, ideas, and events from pre-Columbian civilizations through the early colonial period.
5.1.3. Compare and contrast different points of view of key individuals and groups in early colonial American history to 1763
5.3. Key Events, Ideas, and People: Students explain the reasons why different groups settled in North America and describe the effect of key people, ideas, and events on the growth of the thirteen colonies.
5.3.7. Describe the impact of key people, ideas, and events that led to the French and Indian War
LA.ECON. Economics
5.10. Decision Making: Students investigate how key British economic policies influenced the thirteen colonies.
5.10.1. Explain the reasons for the French and Indian War and the economic effects of British policy on colonial America

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