Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Middle Western Region US

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arkansas Standards

AR.G. Geography
G.1. Physical and Spatial: Students shall develop an understanding of the physical and spatial characteristics and applications of geography.
G.1.5.6. Location, Place, and Region: Distinguish between geography terms that describe or indicate region, place, or location (e.g., tundra, desert, rainforest, mountains).
G.1.5.9. Map and Globe Skills: Compare and contrast major landforms characterized as physical features of Earth (e.g., plateaus, rivers, deltas, seas, oceans, peninsulas).
AR.H. History
H.6. History: Students shall analyze significant ideas, events, and people in world, national, state, and local history and how they affect change over time.
H.6.5.8. Continuity and Change: Identify and explain the significance of the following people: Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Sojourner Truth, and Dorothea Dix.