Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Northeastern Region US

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Indiana Standards

IN.G. Geography
5.3. Students will describe the Earth/sun relationship and use global grid systems. They will identify regions; describe physical and cultural characteristics; and locate states, capitals and major physical features of the United States. They will also explain the changing interaction of people with their environment in regions of the United States and show how the United States is related geographically to the rest of the world.
Environment and Society
5.3.12. Describe and analyze how specific physical features influenced historical events and movements.
Physical Systems
5.3.5. Locate the continental divide and the major drainage basins in the United States.
5.3.7. Identify major sources of accessible fresh water and describe the impact of access on the local and regional communities.
Places and Regions
5.3.3. Name and locate states, regions, major cities and capitals, major rivers and mountain ranges in the United States.
The World in Spatial Terms
5.3.2. Identify regions of the United States and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using maps, globes and photographs to locate and describe these regions.