Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Notable People

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Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks

AR.SS.C. Civics/Government: Era 1-Beginnings to Era 3-1820s
C.2.5. Participation and Deliberation - Students will analyze civic rights, roles, and responsibilities.
C.2.5.4. Examine actions of individuals and groups that illustrate civic virtues at the local, state, and national level (D2.Civ.6, 8.3-5).
AR.SS.G. Geography: Era 1-Beginnings to Era 3-1820s
G.11.5. Global Interconnections - Students will compare global places and regions and the connections between them.
Changing Spatial Patterns
G.11.5.2. Analyze cooperation within communities during and after natural and human-made disasters (e.g., disease, famine, weather phenomena, war) (D2.Geo.12.3-5).
AR.SS.H. History: Era 1-Beginnings to Era 3-1820s
H.12.5. United States Beginnings Through 1820s - Students will analyze key historical periods; patterns of change over time; and ways people view, construct, and interpret the history of the United States.
Era 3: Revolution and the New Nation 1754-1820s
H.12.5.8. Analyze the Revolutionary movement from multiple perspectives using primary and secondary sources (e.g., loyalists, patriots, Native Americans, slaves) (D2.Civ.2.3-5; D2.His.1, 3, 4, 14, 16.3-5; D4.7.3-5).
H.12.5.10. Evaluate how individuals and groups influenced the American Revolutionary movement (e.g., Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, King George III, Sons and Daughters of Liberty) (D2.His.3, 4, 14, 16.3.5).
H.12.5.12. Analyze the significance of various battles and military leaders during the American Revolution (D2.His.1, 3, 14.3-5).

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