Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Notable People

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New Mexico Content Standards

NM.III: Civics and Government: Students understand the ideals, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship and understand the content and history of the founding documents of the United States with particular emphasis on the United States and New Mexico constitutions and how governments function at local, state, tribal, and national levels. Students will:
3-C: Compare political philosophies and concepts of government that became the foundation for the American revolution and the United States government:
3-C:1. Describe the narrative of the people and events associated with the development of the United States constitution, and describe its significance to the foundation of the American republic, to include:
3-C:1.a. Colonists' and Native Americans' shared sense of individualism, independence and religious freedom that developed before the revolution;
3-C:2. Describe the contributions and roles of major individuals, including George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin.

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