Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Notable People

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Oregon Standards

OR.SS.5. Social Sciences - Grade 5: U.S. History 1492-1786
Civics and Government
5.12. Analyze how cooperation and conflict among people contribute to political, economic and social events and situations in the United States.
Historical Thinking
5.6. Use primary and secondary sources to formulate historical questions, to examine an historical account about an issue of the time, and to reconstruct the literal meaning of the passages by identifying who was involved, what happened, where it happened, and what events led to these developments and what consequences or outcomes followed.
Social Science Analysis
5.19. Analyze two accounts of the same event or topic and describe important similarities and differences.
5.20. Gather, use and document information from multiple sources (e.g., print, electronic, human, primary, secondary) to examine an event, issue, or problem through inquiry and research.
5.21. Identify and study two or more points of view of an event, issue or problem.
5.22. Identify characteristics of an event, issue, or problem, suggesting possible causes and results.
5.23. Propose a response or solution to an issue or problem and support why it makes sense, using support from research.