Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Notable People

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South Dakota Content Standards

SD.K-12.H. Grade 5 History
K‐12.H.1. Students will analyze how major events are chronologically connected and evaluate their impact on one another.
5.H.1.2. Identify key conflicts with other countries of the world and the effect they had on the U.S. physically, economically, and socially.
K‐12.H.2. Students will analyze and evaluate the impact of people, events, ideas and symbols upon history using multiple sources.
5.H.2.2. Identify and describe the roles of influential people during the American Revolution.
K‐12.H.4. Students will identify and evaluate the causes and effects of past, current and potential events, issues and problems.
5.H.4.3. Explain probable causes and effects of events in the American Revolution.
5.H.4.4. Identify key events during the American Revolution considering how they affected people, government, and the economy.
K‐12.H.5. Students will develop historical research skills.
5.H.5.1. Summarize how different types of historical sources are used to explain events in the past.

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