Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Pioneer Life

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Tennessee Standards

TN.5.1. Culture: Culture encompasses similarities and differences among people including their beliefs, knowledge, changes, values, and traditions. Students will explore these elements of society to develop an appreciation and respect for the variety of human cultures.
5.1.spi. Performance Indicators State:
5.1.spi.2. Interpret how culture changes over time as a consequence of industrialization, technology or cultural diffusion (i.e., railroad transportation, telecommunication, building design, varied types of music and the growth of government services).
TN.5.5. History: History involves people, events, and issues. Students will evaluate evidence to develop comparative and casual analyses, and to interpret primary sources. They will construct sound historical arguments and perspectives on which informed decisions in contemporary life can be based.
5.5.04. Era 6 -The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900): Understand the acquisition of territory to the United States.
5.5.04.a. Describe how armed conflict, purchases, treaties, and land settlement resulted in further American expansion.
5.5.04.c. Describe the people, lifestyles, and liberties in the American West.
5.5.spi. Performance Indicators State:
5.5.spi.6. Determine the hardships encountered by Greater Plain settlers in the late 1800's (i.e., building materials, natural geography, climatic conditions, isolated communities, lack of revenue).