Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Pioneer Life

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Washington DC Standards

DC.3-5. Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills
3-5.1. Chronology and Cause and Effect
3-5.1.4. Students summarize the key events of the era they are studying and explain the historical contexts of those events.
DC.5. U.S. History and Geography: Westward Expansion to the Present
5.1. The New Nation's Westward Expansion (1790-1860): Students trace the colonization, immigration, and settlement patterns of the American people from 1789 to the mid-1800s.
5.1.4. Name the states and territories that existed in 1850 and their locations and major geographical features (e.g., mountain ranges, principal rivers, and dominant plant regions). (G)
5.1.7. Describe the experiences of settlers on the overland trails to the West (e.g., location of the routes; purpose of the journeys; the influence of the terrain, rivers, vegetation, and climate; life in the territories at the end of these trails). (G, S, E)
5.2. The Growth of the Republic (1800-1860): Students describe the emergence of a fledgling industrial economy.
5.2.5. Identify the transportation innovations that led to westward settlements. (G, I)