Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Social Studies Skills

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Montana Content Standards

MT.1. Students access, synthesize, and evaluate information to communicate and apply social studies knowledge to real world situations.
1.2. Students will assess the quality of information (e.g., primary or secondary sources, point of view and embedded values of the author).
MT.3. Students apply geographic knowledge and skills (e.g., location, place, human/environment interactions, movement, and regions).
3.1. Students will analyze and use various representations of the Earth (e.g., physical, topographical, political maps; globes; geographic information systems; aerial photographs; satellite images) to gather and compare information about a place.
3.2. Students will locate on a map or globe physical features (e.g., continents, oceans, mountain ranges, landforms) natural features (e.g., flora, fauna) and human features (e.g., cities, states, national borders) and explain their relationships within the ecosystem.
MT.4. Students demonstrate an understanding of the effects of time, continuity, and change on historical and future perspectives and relationships.
4.1. Students will interpret the past using a variety of sources (e.g., biographies, documents, diaries, eyewitnesses, interviews, internet, primary source material) and evaluate the credibility of sources used.
4.3. Students will use historical facts and concepts and apply methods of inquiry (e.g., primary documents, interviews, comparative accounts, research) to make informed decisions as responsible citizens.