Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Southeastern Region US

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South Carolina Standards & Learning

SC.5. United States Studies: 1865 to the Present
5-5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the social, economic and political events that influenced the United States during the Cold War era.
The post-World War II period was dominated by a power conflict that pitted former allies against each other over economic and political differences. This Cold War affected all aspects of American life at home and abroad. To understand the impact of the Cold War, the student will utilize the knowledge and skills set forth in the following indicators:
5-5.3. Explain the advancement of the modern Civil Rights Movement; including the desegregation of the armed forces, Brown v. Board of Education, the roles of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Civil Rights acts, and the Voting Rights Act.
SC.5-SSLS. Social Studies Literacy Skills for the Twenty-First Century
5-SSLS.1. Literacy Skills for Social Studies
5-SSLS.1.8. Identify the locations of places, the conditions at places, and the connections between places.
5-SSLS.3. Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Other Technical Subjects
5-SSLS.3.1. Cite details from a text to support conclusions made from that text.
5-SSLS.3.2. Interpret visual information to deepen his or her understanding.

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