Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. Colonial Life

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Missouri Learning Standards

MO.6-8.AH. American History
6-8.AH.1. Tools of Social Science Inquiry
6-8.AH.1.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.AH.1.CC.B. Explain connections between historical context and peoples’ perspectives at the time in American history.
6-8.AH.2. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.2.G. Geographical Study
6-8.AH.2.G.B. Analyze the geography of colonial regions to explain their cultural, social and economic differences.
6-8.AH.2. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.2.PC. People, Groups, and Cultures
6-8.AH.2.PC.A. Analyze the religious., cultural, political and intellectual developments of Spanish, Portuguese, British and French regions to explain the development of diverse cultures throughout the Americas.
6-8.AH.2.PC.B. Analyze the religious, cultural, and intellectual developments of the European colonies to explain the development of regionalism and an American identity
6-8.AH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.3.PC. People, Groups, and Cultures
6-8.AH.3.PC.B. Analyze populations of colonies/states to explain how their cultural, religious, social, and economic characteristics influenced the emergence of regional identity.

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