Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. The Abolitionist Movement

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Missouri Learning Standards

MO.6-8.AH. American History
6-8.AH.1. Tools of Social Science Inquiry
6-8.AH.1.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.AH.1.CC.B. Explain connections between historical context and peoples’ perspectives at the time in American history.
6-8.AH.1.G. Geographic Study
6-8.AH.1.G.B. Explain how the physical and human characteristics of regions in the Americas prior to c. 1870 are connected to changing identity and culture.
6-8.AH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.3.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.AH.3.CC.E. Evaluate the responses of early American leaders to the social, political, economic and religious. challenges facing the new nation.
6-8.AH.4. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.4.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.AH.4.CC.B. Evaluate the responses of North and South American leaders to the social, political, economic and religious. challenges of the period.
6-8.AH.5. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.5.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.AH.5.CC.A. Analyze political compromises over slavery in the territories to explain intensifying sectional conflicts.
6-8.AH.5.CC.B. Trace the events as well as political, cultural, economic and social conditions leading to conflict between Northern and Southern states.
6-8.AH.5.CC.C. Describe critical developments and turning points in the Civil War, including major battles.
6-8.AH.4. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.4.GS. Governmental Systems and Principles
6-8.AH.4.GS.B. Analyze landmark Supreme Court cases to determine the effect on the definition and expansion of federal power.
6-8.AH.5. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.5.G. Geographical Study
6-8.AH.5.G.A. Analyze the United States ‘geography of North, South, and West in order to explain regional cultural, social and economic differences.
6-8.AH.4. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.4.CC. Economic Concepts
6-8.AH.4.EC.A. Analyze the origins and characteristics of coercive labor systems, including slavery, and their impact on economic and political expansion.
6-8.AH.4. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.4.PC. People, Groups, and Cultures
6-8.AH.4.PC.A. Evaluate the effectiveness of various. reform movements, laws, and events to determine their impact on the promise of American ideals.
6-8.AH.4.PC.B. Analyze the experiences of enslaved peoples in North and South America to determine their cultural impact and consequences.
6-8.AH.5. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.AH.5.PC. People, Groups, and Cultures
6-8.AH.5.PC.A. Determine the impact of the ideas contained in major speeches, literature, music, and writings from diverse individuals on the perspectives of American people, groups and movements.
6-8.AH.5.PC.D. Analyze the evolution of the Abolitionist Movement to trace its continued development and evaluate its impact.

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