Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. The Jackson Age

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Nevada Academic Content Standards

Early U.S. History & Civic Ideals
Content Themes
Identity (H)
SS.6-8.EUSH.14. Interpret historical events from a variety of cultural perspectives, including but not limited to: Native Americans vs. settlers, Northerners vs. Southerners, and native citizens vs. immigrants.
People and ideas (H)
SS.6-8.EUSH.17. Analyze the influence of political, social, cultural, economic, religious, geographic, intellectual, and artistic changes throughout the course of U.S. history.
Social justice, consciousness, and action (MC)
SS.6-8.EUSH.24. Analyze the ways in which dominant cultures have oppressed groups through institutionalized discrimination within U.S. history.
Civic and political institutions (C)
SS.6-8.EUSH.31. Describe the different political, civil, religious, and economic organizations throughout U.S. history.
Human population, movements, and patterns (G)
SS.6-8.EUSH.38. Explore the causes, motivations, and consequences of migration and immigration, both voluntary and forced, in early U.S. history, including but not limited to: Trail of Tears, western movement, Great Migration, various waves of immigration.

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