Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Ancient Greece

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Missouri Learning Standards

MO.6-8.WH. World History
6-8.WH.1. Tools of Social Science Inquiry
6-8.WH.1.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.WH.1.CC.E. Analyze the causes and consequences of a specific problem in world history prior to c. 1450 as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by those trying to address the problem.
6-8.WH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.3.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.WH.3.CC.A. Analyze the rise and fall of classical civilizations to determine their significance to future societies.
6-8.WH.3.CC.B. Trace the impact of conflicts, competition, and cooperation within and among classical civilizations.
6-8.WH.2. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.2.GS . Governmental Systems and Principles
6-8.WH.2.GS .A. Explain the origins, functions, and structure of monarchies, theocracies, city states, empires and dynasties.
6-8.WH.2.GS. Governmental Systems and Principles
6-8.WH.2.GS.B. Distinguish the powers and responsibilities of subjects and political leaders in monarchies, theocracies, city-states, and empires.
6-8.WH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.3.GS. Governmental Systems and Principles
6-8.WH.3.GS.A. Explain the origins, functions, and structure of governmental systems within classical civilizations.
6-8.WH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.3.G. Geographical Study
6-8.WH.3.G.A. Explain the significance of physical geography to the development of classical civilizations.
6-8.WH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.3.CC. Economic Concepts
6-8.WH.3.EC.A. Describe trade patterns and how they influence the movement of resources, goods and services.
6-8.WH.3.EC.B. Explain how standardization impacts the stability of a civilization.
6-8.WH.3.EC.C. Explain how political and economic stability affects the well-being of individuals and society.
6-8.WH.3. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.3.PC. People, Groups and Cultures
6-8.WH.3.PC.A. Explain the significance of art, mythology, literature and philosophy to the culture and social order of classical civilizations
6-8.WH.3.PC.B. Analyze scientific, technological, intellectual, and artistic advancements to determine the legacy of the classical civilizations.
6-8.WH.3.PC.C. Analyze the extent and impact of cultural diffusion that results from empire building.

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