Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Ancient Rome

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Nevada Academic Content Standards

Early World Civilizations (prior to 1500)
Disciplinary Skills
Constructing compelling questions
SS.6-8.EWC.1. Construct compelling questions based upon disciplinary concepts.
SS.6-8.EWC.2. Evaluate various interpretations to answer compelling questions within and across disciplines.
Content Themes
Power and politics (H)
SS.6-8.EWC.12. Compare the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires across the ancient world with attention to governmental systems and political developments.
SS.6-8.EWC.13. Examine instances of conflict, oppression, human rights violations, and genocide across the ancient world as well as responses to these violations.
Identity (H)
SS.6-8.EWC.15. Interpret events from a variety of historical and cultural perspectives, including but not limited to: Romans vs. “barbarians,” conquerors vs. conquered, Mongols vs. Ming Chinese.
World Geography & Global Studies
Content Themes
Power and Politics (H)
SS.6-8.WGGS.12. Compare rise and fall of governmental systems and political developments across the world.

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